Annual Dessert Dash - Annual Golf and Bowling Banquet


It is time again for the ANNUAL DESSERT DASH at this year’s Annual Golf and Bowling Banquet scheduled for Monday, September 11th.  We need at least 10 volunteers to make or buy a nice dessert that will serve 8 – 10 people.

If you would like to volunteer to donate a delicious dessert, please contact one of the following

Linda Bonet- or by phone 206 615 3092   OR

TJ Collins - or by phone 206 272 3110



The Dessert Dash raises funds to support the MIAS ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND.

100% of the proceeds generated by the Dessert Dash go into the MIAS SCHOLARSHIP FUND.  The generous donations received last year contributed over $2.000, toward the Scholarship Fund allowing three scholarships to be presented during the Annual Banquet.



1.        Each table will be numbered andwill have an envelope to record and collect the donations.

2.       As soon as you sit down at your Table do the Following:

3          Each guest writes in theirname

4         Write the amount you want to donate next to your name (receipts will be provided at each table)

a.       if paying by Check make payable to Marine Insurance Association of Seattle

b.      if paying by Credit Card, please complete the form with all information requested 

5         Designate a person from your table to be the “Dessert Dasher”

6         Then total the amounts and place donations in the envelope provided for our table

7         The tables will be called in the order of the highest total amount donated

8         When your table number is called, dash to the table with the Desserts and take the dessert of your choice.